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5 signs that show you need dentures

Dentures are the prosthetic dental appliances that are actually removable false teeth set. You might think dentures are applicable for aged persons only because their teeth are weak and they are edentulous. Right?

Are the teeth replacement treatments essential for aged people alone? Definitely NO.
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Dry Socket – Causes, Symptoms, Prevention Tips

Dry Socket is one of the most painful dental conditions but can be easily cured. It arises following a tooth extraction, especially after extracting third molars or wisdom teeth. This begins with the exposure of bone and tooth nerves in the region where the tooth is pulled off.
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Gum diseases are linked to higher rates of heart disease

Researchers, Doctors and Dentists have been indulged in researches to examine the link between gum diseases and the heart health. Even though the cause and effect relationship has not been proven, recent studies show that people suffering from periodontal diseases have higher chances of affected by cardiovascular diseases.

How does gum disease infect our heart?

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Important things everyone needs to know about painless dental treatments

Similar to children, many adults are also have developed a fear on dentistry. This anxiety makes many people skip dental visits until their dental diseases get worse.  For instance, if you afraid on seeing the dental bleaching kit and avoid teeth cleaning, then your teeth will suffer from plaque and tartar buildup.

Sedation Dentistry is opt for those people who are afraid of the dental equipments and certain painful dental treatments.
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Dental Implant Infection: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Dental Implants are effective to restore a lost tooth or multiple teeth. Dentists also suggest the implant dentistry approach for missing teeth replacement because implants are highly durable than dental bridges and dentures. You may know that the dental implants appear and perform like natural teeth.

Do you know the artificial teeth mounted on metallic posts (implants) are also vulnerable to infection?
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What makes a tooth sensitive after fitting crowns?

Dental crown or tooth cap is generally termed as a tooth-shaped shell which is utilized for dental restoration purposes. Whether it is a badly decayed, damaged or drilled tooth, dental crowns are effective to restore their shape and strength by mounting on the remaining teeth surfaces.
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Mouth ulcer- Types, Causes and Home Remedies

Mouth ulcers appear on the gums, inside the cheeks, lips, floor of the mouth and tongue. They are small lesions which appear oval or round in shape and white, yellow in color with reddish border cause intense pain and discomfort levels with eating & speaking. It is not contagious or spreadable and will heal itself within 7 – 14 days.

Types of Mouth ulcers

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6 essential denture care tips

Dentures are Prosthetic appliances useful in replacing missing tooth or teeth by getting support from the adjacent teeth. When you prefer removable dentures or fixed dentures, make sure that the custom-made dentures do not cause any discomforts. Otherwise, the discomfort levels stimulated by the poor fitting of dentures cause serious dental health issues.

Similar to poor denture fittings, poor care on dentures are taken advantage by oral bacteria and put your oral health at risk.
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Negative Consequences of Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is a normal habit in children during their infancy. The sucking behavior helps kids to explore the things around them by putting the things into their mouth. Similarly, this sucking habit helps kids to self-soothe themselves.

We hope that you may also provide your kid toys like pacifiers, teething toys which encourage kids to suck the things. Right?
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Dental Treatments to repair a chipped or broken tooth

Chipped, cracked or broken tooth is one of the common dental issues which may happen to everyone. Even though you maintain a good oral care routine to protect your teeth from bacteria, your teeth are prone to unexpected trauma like sports injuries. Do you agree?

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