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Dental Implants

Teeth Implant

Dental Implants are the artificial appliances that are useful in replacing the roots of missing teeth. Unlike other restorative dentistry approaches like dentures, dental bridges, the implants are directly inserted into the jawbone to restore a missing tooth. This assures the long-term success rates and makes implant dentistry the optimal solution for missing teeth restoration.


How many teeth can be replaced with tooth implants?

You can get single tooth implants and multiple tooth implants from a Prosthodontist. With teeth implants, you can restore your entire dentition as well as one or two missing teeth.

If you have lost many teeth or in need to replace the entire teeth set, you will not need to replace each tooth with implants. It is done by fixing just two to four dental implants. Then an implant support bridge or denture is placed which are anchored or supported by the fixed implants.

Who are the right candidates to get dental implants?

Persons who have missing teeth can get dental implants. Whether the patient is elder or having crowded teeth, implant dentistry treatment works best for those as well as young and people with correct teeth alignment.

The patient should have healthy gums and adequate bone density in the underlying jaw bone to get implants.

How can I get dental implants if I do not have enough bone in my jaw?

Bone Generation procedures like Socket Preservation and Bone Grafting help those patients.

Socket Preservation

Dentists suggest appropriate bone regeneration approach when they detect the patient does not have enough bone support to endure the implant. This is decided after analyzing the implant site with the digital impressions taken with imaging systems like CT Scans, X-Ray and others.

What are the advantages of replacing a lost tooth with implants?

Teeth implants provide a wide range of benefits over other teeth replacement techniques. Denture teeth require special care and cause speech impediments at times.

If you prefer dental bridges, the neighbouring teeth on either side of the missing tooth need to be prepared by scraping them. In contrast, teeth implants leave the adjacent teeth as it is.

When a tooth is lost in the jaw, the bone in the jaw begins to shrink and deteriorate. The pressure applied on the fake teeth is endured by the implant post as our natural tooth does. It stimulates the jawbone tissues and prevents loss of the bone in the jaw.

Does my body reject dental implants?

Rejection of Implants or Implant failure is not common. It occurs at very low rates and entirely depends on the health of a person.

Our human body does not accept certain foreign objects and metals. Titanium and Zirconium are biocompatible. Hence they can be accepted by our body.

If a person has titanium allergy, then his/her body will reject and emit the implant. Similarly, bacteria in the jawbone spread to the implant and it is followed by a weakening of the implant. Such implant failure is also possible for smokers and people with health hazards like diabetes, blood pressure.

Will dental implants cause side effects?

Dental implants do not cause any side effects. The patient will encounter little discomfort for few days after fixing the tooth implants. Such difficulties go off when the mouth adjusts with the implant teeth.

Are Dental Implants removable like Dentures?

No. The dental implants are not removable. They are sturdy and lasts for many years.

The underlying bone in jaw consolidates with the fixture of the Implant. It makes the implant tooth stringent. Hence you cannot remove the dental implants when you want.

Is it expensive to get dental implants?

Dental implants are available in various price ranges. It is little costlier than other prosthodontics treatments.

The variation of prices depends on the country where the implants are imported from. Teeth Implants manufactured in the Asian countries are affordable while the implants from European countries are quite expensive.

Why do you prefer Sendhil Dental Clinic to fix implants?

Sendhil Dental Clinic and Implant Centre – This is one of the leading dental implant centres founded by the expert Implantologist in Chennai, Dr.D.Sendhilnathan.

We utilize advanced imaging systems like 3D cone beam CT Scan to take digital impressions of the implant site. The branded dental implants and FDA approved dental equipment are deployed by our Implant specialists to fix the missing tooth.

Looking for affordable dental implants in Chennai? Sendhil Dental Clinic will match your needs.

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