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5 Benefits of brushing with an electric toothbrush

We hope that you are also aware of electric brush and probably seen those in TV ads. Right?

Along with manual toothbrush, you can easily get a battery-powered toothbrush and electric toothbrush in a supermarket.

The usage of electric toothbrushes is constantly increasing. Many Dentists, Dental Health Specialists and Dental Hygienists are also suggesting to switch to electric toothbrushes.

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How can we protect our teeth from acidic substances present in foods?

Each food item and snack you consume are packed up with certain acids. Lactic acid you get from milk, malic acid present in banana and other food acids are required for our human body. Our human body also easily accepts the naturally occurring food acids and responds differently to healthy and unhealthy acids.

Whether the acid is healthy or unhealthy, your teeth are vulnerable to them.

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Food items to consume and avoid during Orthodontic Treatment

When you are wearing an orthodontic appliance like a metallic brace or invisible aligner, it is critically important to cut down certain food items. You need to sacrifice or stand away from your favourite hard food substances until the orthodontic treatment gets over.

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Postcare Tips following Root Canal Treatment

After removing the infected tissues in the pulp with Root Canal Therapy, it is not uncommon to experience some discomforts like soreness and tenderness in your mouth.

You may ask, “The tooth nerves are removed then how is it still hurting?”

Until the treated area and the surrounding area that contains tissues, nerves and ligaments heal and restore their normal functioning, it will cause some pain that lasts for few days or weeks. It may range from mild to severe varying for each person. Don’t scare about it.

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Root Canal Treatment (RCT) to preserve your badly decayed tooth

Tooth decay is a common dental problem which urges many people to step into a dental office. Do you agree?

With home remedies like rinsing with salt water, massaging the decayed tooth with garlic, you can get relief from the pain for a while. But if you want a permanent solution to the dental cavity which induces intense pain, just book an appointment with your dentist.

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7 possible factors behind tooth pain

In general, tooth pain ranges from mild tolerable to severe unbearable pain. Toothache is effective to disrupt our daily activities, restrict us from eating, chewing and sometimes disturb our sleep. Do you agree?

When does tooth pain? Our tooth begins to hurt due to any infection in the nerves present inside the tooth. Such infection is triggered by various reasons like poor oral hygiene routine, TMJ disorders, teeth grinding at sleep and much more.

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