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Dental Hygiene

Benefits of oil pulling for teeth

January 3rd,2019

Oil Pulling is a dental hygiene practice of rinsing mouth with oil for a few minutes to remove the bacteria and other microorganisms in the mouth. The folk Indian remedy is similar to utilizing mouthwashes to keep our mouth clean. In India, it has been in practice for more than thousands of years and also mentioned in the ancient Indian textbooks as Gandusha and Kavala Graha.
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What are the dental problems caused by Diabetes?

November 26th,2018

“Insulin Is Not A Cure – It’S Life Support.”

Diabetes is a disease that upsets the body’s ability to utilize insulin produced by the pancreas. The insulin hormone takes care of converting the sugar, glucose consumed through food into energy and helps the body cells to get the glucose. If the insulin does not work properly or lack in the hormone production, it will result in the glucose remains in the blood and ends in high levels of blood sugar.
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Tooth Fillings Replacement – Important facts you should know

November 12th,2018

Dental Filling is a common dental treatment that helps to restore the shape and strength of a decayed tooth. The diseased tooth is repaired by extracting the cavity region and close the region with filling materials.

Besides silver fillings, you can get different cavity filling materials like Gold fillings, composite resins, porcelain fillings and Glass ionomer today. They are also highly durable and persists for around 15 years. You might aware of it.
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7 food items to avoid when you have sensitive teeth

October 26th,2018

Do you experience tingling pain in one of your teeth or entire teeth? It stimulates intense pain at times while biting a food item. Right?

It is Teeth Sensitivity also known as “Dentin Hypersensitivity”.
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Dry Socket – Causes, Symptoms, Prevention Tips

October 15th,2018

Dry Socket is one of the most painful dental conditions but can be easily cured. It arises following a tooth extraction, especially after extracting third molars or wisdom teeth. This begins with the exposure of bone and tooth nerves in the region where the tooth is pulled off.
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Mouth ulcer- Types, Causes and Home Remedies

September 18th,2018

Mouth ulcers appear on the gums, inside the cheeks, lips, floor of the mouth and tongue. They are small lesions which appear oval or round in shape and white, yellow in color with reddish border cause intense pain and discomfort levels with eating & speaking. It is not contagious or spreadable and will heal itself within 7 – 14 days.

Types of Mouth ulcers

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Dental Treatments to repair a chipped or broken tooth

September 2nd,2018

Chipped, cracked or broken tooth is one of the common dental issues which may happen to everyone. Even though you maintain a good oral care routine to protect your teeth from bacteria, your teeth are prone to unexpected trauma like sports injuries. Do you agree?

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What causes gum recession and how can you know it?

August 16th,2018

Gum Recession, also known as Gingival recession is a common dental problem and it is a symptom of gum diseases. Receding gums is the process that lessens or pulls back the gum tissue around the teeth. When the gum edges wear down, it exposes the inner layers of a tooth like dentin, root and others.

Oral bacteria take advantage of the receding gums and produce periodontal pockets between the gum line and the teeth. It eventually leads to tooth loss.
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7 simple but effective tips to fight against Halitosis

July 30th,2018

Do you smell a nasty odor from your mouth? Then we are sure that you are encountering various distress in your day to day activities. Am I right?

If you have doubt whether you have bad breath mentioned by people around you, but you did not smell any odor, just try this.

Take a spoon and gently scrub at the back of your tongue with it. Take the spoon out and wait until the saliva gets dry. Now smell the spoon. If the flavor is unpleasant, then you are a sufferer of Halitosis.

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6 Dental causes of jaw pain

July 23rd,2018

It is really hard to encounter the pain in the jaw and facial muscles. As they have diverse connections with the mouth, any obstacle in jawbone obstructs the mouth activity like chewing, eating and even opening your mouth.

If you have experienced a pain in the jawbone, you will agree to the above point. The degree of pain varies depending on the cause and it triggers various difficulties like dizziness, burning sensation, toothache, etc.

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