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What are the dental problems caused by Diabetes?

“Insulin Is Not A Cure – It’S Life Support.”

Diabetes is a disease that upsets the body’s ability to utilize insulin produced by the pancreas. The insulin hormone takes care of converting the sugar, glucose consumed through food into energy and helps the body cells to get the glucose. If the insulin does not work properly or lack in the hormone production, it will result in the glucose remains in the blood and ends in high levels of blood sugar.
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Problems caused by poor fitting dentures

Replacing missing teeth with dentures is a common practice in Dentistry. Denture teeth available nowadays are more convenient and appear more natural when compared to the false teeth set deployed in the earlier days. The dentures are custom made as per the impressions of the gums in order to fit efficiently in the mouth.
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An overview of the different types of teeth whitening

The boom in dental sciences has brought a diverse range of options to recover the bright whitish smile we desire. You can easily get different teeth whitening products from your dentist or in a drug store.

Hydrogen Peroxide is the main ingredient present in all teeth bleaching products. The ingredient is added to the tooth whitening products in the range of 10%, 16% and 22%. Because of the difference in composition of the ingredient, the results given by them and time taken to achieve the desired result vary.
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Tooth Fillings Replacement – Important facts you should know

Dental Filling is a common dental treatment that helps to restore the shape and strength of a decayed tooth. The diseased tooth is repaired by extracting the cavity region and close the region with filling materials.

Besides silver fillings, you can get different cavity filling materials like Gold fillings, composite resins, porcelain fillings and Glass ionomer today. They are also highly durable and persists for around 15 years. You might aware of it.
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Titanium Implants Vs Zirconium Dental Implants

Today you can get a wide variety of options in Implant Dentistry to restore your missing teeth. Until 1987, titanium implants were deployed for dental restoration works. The boom in Dentistry brought Zirconia implants which do not have the limitations in the titanium implants.
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Mini dental implants – A remarkable thing offered by Implant Dentistry

Replacing a missing tooth or multiple teeth is not a difficult thing today. You can get a wide range of dental restoration options like dental implants, dentures, tooth bridges and much more. Besides filling the gaps in your smile, missing teeth replacement will help you to prevent various frustrating problems in your mouth.

Do you know everyone cannot be fit for implant dentistry treatments and dentures?
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Peri-Implantitis – The main adversary for dental implants

Replacing a missing tooth with dental implants is not a new thing. Even though the porcelain crowns implanted with a titanium post into the jawbone cannot be infected, the tissues surrounding the implants are prone to infection.

If any infection in the gum tissues around the implants are not treated properly, the contamination will advance and cause Peri-Implantitis.
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7 food items to avoid when you have sensitive teeth

Do you experience tingling pain in one of your teeth or entire teeth? It stimulates intense pain at times while biting a food item. Right?

It is Teeth Sensitivity also known as “Dentin Hypersensitivity”.
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5 signs that show you need dentures

Dentures are the prosthetic dental appliances that are actually removable false teeth set. You might think dentures are applicable for aged persons only because their teeth are weak and they are edentulous. Right?

Are the teeth replacement treatments essential for aged people alone? Definitely NO.
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Dry Socket – Causes, Symptoms, Prevention Tips

Dry Socket is one of the most painful dental conditions but can be easily cured. It arises following a tooth extraction, especially after extracting third molars or wisdom teeth. This begins with the exposure of bone and tooth nerves in the region where the tooth is pulled off.
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