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8 Powerful home remedies to remove plaque naturally

January 22nd,2019

Have you noticed a white or yellow colored substance on your teeth over the gum margins? Is it tough to remove the substance with a toothbrush? Then it is plaque build up.

Plaque is thin biofilm developed by the collaboration of oral bacteria and saliva in our mouth. If it is not removed at times, the plaque becomes sturdy and develop as tartar build up that is hard to clean or remove. The plaque and tartar build-up is an accumulation of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms which penetrates beneath the gum layer. It will lead to gum diseases like Periodontitis.
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Benefits of green tea for dental health

January 12th,2019

Green tea – The popular beverage most of us are consuming in Cafeteria is packed with a bunch of properties to strengthen our health.  The caffeine drink has been in existence for more than 3000 years as our ancestors had known the healing properties of green tea.

Recent studies also assure that green tea consumption benefit people in a distinct manner like fat burning, minimize diabetes and much more.

Is green tea good for dental health? Yes.
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Benefits of oil pulling for teeth

January 3rd,2019

Oil Pulling is a dental hygiene practice of rinsing mouth with oil for a few minutes to remove the bacteria and other microorganisms in the mouth. The folk Indian remedy is similar to utilizing mouthwashes to keep our mouth clean. In India, it has been in practice for more than thousands of years and also mentioned in the ancient Indian textbooks as Gandusha and Kavala Graha.
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Home remedies for mouth ulcer

December 18th,2018

Mouth ulcers are quite a common sight these days! Whilst they are predominantly short term, they can greatly reduce the effectiveness of our daily tasks due to the sheer discomfort they cause us. They impede our speech, eating patterns and cause pain when swallowing. Often present in the inside of the lips or even sometimes in the side of the tongue, they are visible as blisters in the mouth,
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5 tips to care your teeth after removing the dental brace

December 5th,2018

Have you just finished your Orthodontic Treatment? Congratulations on your efforts you put all these days to get your desired smile. Now your teeth are straightened and your bite is aligned.

Do you know? The straightened teeth are vulnerable to move back to their original position. This will undo the result of your orthodontic treatment. Hence it is important to indulge in post-orthodontic dental care activities to maintain the alignment procured with dental braces.
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An overview of the different types of teeth whitening

November 17th,2018

The boom in dental sciences has brought a diverse range of options to recover the bright whitish smile we desire. You can easily get different teeth whitening products from your dentist or in a drug store.

Hydrogen Peroxide is the main ingredient present in all teeth bleaching products. The ingredient is added to the tooth whitening products in the range of 10%, 16% and 22%. Because of the difference in composition of the ingredient, the results given by them and time taken to achieve the desired result vary.
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7 food items to avoid when you have sensitive teeth

October 26th,2018

Do you experience tingling pain in one of your teeth or entire teeth? It stimulates intense pain at times while biting a food item. Right?

It is Teeth Sensitivity also known as “Dentin Hypersensitivity”.
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6 essential denture care tips

September 15th,2018

Dentures are Prosthetic appliances useful in replacing missing tooth or teeth by getting support from the adjacent teeth. When you prefer removable dentures or fixed dentures, make sure that the custom-made dentures do not cause any discomforts. Otherwise, the discomfort levels stimulated by the poor fitting of dentures cause serious dental health issues.

Similar to poor denture fittings, poor care on dentures are taken advantage by oral bacteria and put your oral health at risk.
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Negative Consequences of Thumb Sucking

September 12th,2018

Thumb sucking is a normal habit in children during their infancy. The sucking behavior helps kids to explore the things around them by putting the things into their mouth. Similarly, this sucking habit helps kids to self-soothe themselves.

We hope that you may also provide your kid toys like pacifiers, teething toys which encourage kids to suck the things. Right?
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Why do we need Dry Tooth Brushing?

August 11th,2018

Is it right to brush our teeth without toothpaste?

Yes. Dentists suggest that you can add it as a part of your oral hygiene because it can effectively reduce the plaque and tartar built up on our teeth.

American Dental Association has revealed after a dental examination that brushing without toothpaste reduces plaque build-up by 63% and gum bleeding by 55%.

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