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Pain after Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

March 27th,2019

Root Canal Treatment in your mouth is performed when the tooth is badly damaged and needs immediate repair. To elaborate, when the pulp present in the tooth consisting of nerves and blood vessels gets infected, the operation is performed to remove the infection.
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What is Hutchinson Teeth?

March 20th,2019

Hutchinson sign is a clinical ailment characterized by a range of symptoms. The chief among them affecting pupil, nasal, oral region and the nails. Whilst these are major symptoms that deserve attention, one often overlooked symptom namely hutchinson teeth, affects babies and causes them much inconvenience.
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7 Sore Tongue Home Remedies

March 11th,2019

One of the most important organs of the body, the tongue is fundamental in helping us to eat, speak and swallow. Therefore, it is extremely important to take care of the tongue. A sore tongue is mostly a nuisance that goes away with the passage of time. Most home remedies work wonders in speeding up the process.
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Easy ways to stop thumb-sucking

February 22nd,2019

Thumb sucking is one of the most common bad habit that we all must have done at some point in our early life. Toddlers do it because they are stressed, scared or out of habit. A lot has been written on why toddlers instinctively go for their thumb and how they use it to explore their independence.
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5 summertime dental tips for your teeth

February 18th,2019

Summer season is on the way. We hope you are planning a vacation trip to your native or other summer resort places. The increased temperature during summer is the base reason for various health hazards arise in this season. Unlike our skin, our teeth are not exposed to the sun but our mouth is also prone to various dental complications caused by the high temperatures.

You might experience canker sores, burning sensation inside your mouth and other discomforts in summer. Am I right?
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5 things to consider while eating with new dentures

February 11th,2019

Denture teeth are the artificial teeth which are made up of plastic and moulded inside the mouth to replace the missing teeth. When the mouth and tongue accustomed to the fake teeth set, the wearer will feel comfortable. Until then, the new denture wearers have to encounter certain difficulties. This is because the facial muscles have to adjust with the prosthetic appliance (Denture).
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Risks associated with oral piercings

February 5th,2019

Cosmetic piercings that are inserted in the oral region are termed as oral piercings. Similar to body piercings decorative ornaments like studs, barbells are available to pierce lips, cheeks, tongue -and even uvula. Unlike tooth jewellery, the ornaments placed in the mouth are associated with various dental discomforts and health hazards.
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8 Powerful home remedies to remove plaque naturally

January 22nd,2019

Have you noticed a white or yellow colored substance on your teeth over the gum margins? Is it tough to remove the substance with a toothbrush? Then it is plaque build up.

Plaque is thin biofilm developed by the collaboration of oral bacteria and saliva in our mouth. If it is not removed at times, the plaque becomes sturdy and develop as tartar build up that is hard to clean or remove. The plaque and tartar build-up is an accumulation of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms which penetrates beneath the gum layer. It will lead to gum diseases like Periodontitis.
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Benefits of green tea for dental health

January 12th,2019

Green tea – The popular beverage most of us are consuming in Cafeteria is packed with a bunch of properties to strengthen our health.  The caffeine drink has been in existence for more than 3000 years as our ancestors had known the healing properties of green tea.

Recent studies also assure that green tea consumption benefit people in a distinct manner like fat burning, minimize diabetes and much more.

Is green tea good for dental health? Yes.
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Benefits of oil pulling for teeth

January 3rd,2019

Oil Pulling is a dental hygiene practice of rinsing mouth with oil for a few minutes to remove the bacteria and other microorganisms in the mouth. The folk Indian remedy is similar to utilizing mouthwashes to keep our mouth clean. In India, it has been in practice for more than thousands of years and also mentioned in the ancient Indian textbooks as Gandusha and Kavala Graha.
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