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Smile Makeover

Teeth Gap Filling

February 27th,2019

Our ancestors have had gaps in teeth(diastema) since forever. Losing teeth due to poor dental hygiene and oral ailments was quite common. But it doesn’t have to be the same way now! With a rapid increase in the technology innovations in healthcare and the number of people who have access to good dental care, there is no reason why you should subject yourself to the risk of a dental ailment and inconvenience.

How diastema occurs?

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5 things to consider while eating with new dentures

February 11th,2019

Denture teeth are the artificial teeth which are made up of plastic and moulded inside the mouth to replace the missing teeth. When the mouth and tongue accustomed to the fake teeth set, the wearer will feel comfortable. Until then, the new denture wearers have to encounter certain difficulties. This is because the facial muscles have to adjust with the prosthetic appliance (Denture).
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Problems caused by poor fitting dentures

November 21st,2018

Replacing missing teeth with dentures is a common practice in Dentistry. Denture teeth available nowadays are more convenient and appear more natural when compared to the false teeth set deployed in the earlier days. The dentures are custom made as per the impressions of the gums in order to fit efficiently in the mouth.
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Titanium Implants Vs Zirconium Dental Implants

November 8th,2018

Today you can get a wide variety of options in Implant Dentistry to restore your missing teeth. Until 1987, titanium implants were deployed for dental restoration works. The boom in Dentistry brought Zirconia implants which do not have the limitations in the titanium implants.
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Mini dental implants – A remarkable thing offered by Implant Dentistry

November 2nd,2018

Replacing a missing tooth or multiple teeth is not a difficult thing today. You can get a wide range of dental restoration options like dental implants, dentures, tooth bridges and much more. Besides filling the gaps in your smile, missing teeth replacement will help you to prevent various frustrating problems in your mouth.

Do you know everyone cannot be fit for implant dentistry treatments and dentures?
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5 signs that show you need dentures

October 17th,2018

Dentures are the prosthetic dental appliances that are actually removable false teeth set. You might think dentures are applicable for aged persons only because their teeth are weak and they are edentulous. Right?

Are the teeth replacement treatments essential for aged people alone? Definitely NO.
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6 essential denture care tips

September 15th,2018

Dentures are Prosthetic appliances useful in replacing missing tooth or teeth by getting support from the adjacent teeth. When you prefer removable dentures or fixed dentures, make sure that the custom-made dentures do not cause any discomforts. Otherwise, the discomfort levels stimulated by the poor fitting of dentures cause serious dental health issues.

Similar to poor denture fittings, poor care on dentures are taken advantage by oral bacteria and put your oral health at risk.
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Different types of teeth implants to replace missing teeth

August 29th,2018

Dental Implants are the metallic posts that are surgically inserted into the jawbone to replace the root of a missing tooth. Then a tooth-like crown is fixed or screwed on the implant. As the jaw bone fuses with the post and assures the stability and durability of the implants.

Implant dentistry is the widely used teeth restorative treatment preferred by Prosthodontists because of its advantages. The artificial tooth or teeth fixed with implants are not mobilized unlike other dental restoration methods like bridges and dentures.
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Why does your kid need a dental visit for early baby tooth loss?

July 20th,2018

“My kid has lost a tooth while he was playing. Does he require implant?”

“A few days ago, our baby fell down accidentally and two teeth have been knocked down.”

People who bring their little toddlers to our clinic ask queries like this.

Baby teeth are also known as Primary teeth (or) Milk Teeth (or) Deciduous Teeth fall down over a period of time. The teeth shedding process is followed by the eruption of permanent teeth. You have also come across this experience in your childhood.

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Why do we suggest dental implant to replace missing teeth?

July 15th,2018

Our teeth are highly vulnerable to various factors like tooth decay, gum diseases, tooth injuries, etc.  It will end in losing your pearl white tooth.

It is hard and miserable to have a missing tooth or teeth because it affects the aesthetic value of the smile. Similarly, the sufferer encounters difficulties in chewing, speaking and in other mouth oriented actions.

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