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Dental Implants

Mini dental implants – A remarkable thing offered by Implant Dentistry

November 2nd,2018

Replacing a missing tooth or multiple teeth is not a difficult thing today. You can get a wide range of dental restoration options like dental implants, dentures, tooth bridges and much more. Besides filling the gaps in your smile, missing teeth replacement will help you to prevent various frustrating problems in your mouth.

Do you know everyone cannot be fit for implant dentistry treatments and dentures?
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7 uncommon causes of Halitosis (Bad Breath)

July 11th,2018

It is really embarrassing to encounter a foul smell or bad odor when you open your mouth. If your breath smells bad, the way people reacts to you will be abnormal. They may hesitate to converse with you because no one will like to stand or come close to a source causing a foul smell. Am I right?

Do you experience such a nasty odor from your mouth? Don’t worry. It is a common dental issue. You are not only the person suffering from bad breath.

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5 biggest causes of teeth sensitivity

July 5th,2018

Mild tooth pain or twinge in a tooth occurs at times when you drink cold or hot drinks and sometimes while breathing in air. Right?

Then you have sensitive teeth.

Don’t scare. This is just a common dental problem. Around 57% of people in our country have suffered from this teeth sensitivity. You are not going to lose your tooth because of teeth sensitivity.

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Root Canal Treatment (RCT) to preserve your badly decayed tooth

June 8th,2018

Tooth decay is a common dental problem which urges many people to step into a dental office. Do you agree?

With home remedies like rinsing with salt water, massaging the decayed tooth with garlic, you can get relief from the pain for a while. But if you want a permanent solution to the dental cavity which induces intense pain, just book an appointment with your dentist.

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