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Benefits of Dental Braces

January 29th,2019

Are Braces for you?

Wearing braces is not something one would gladly want to do. However, some people including adolescents and teenagers may need to have it done at some point. If you have been told to need braces, you are probably wondering whether you could simply pull through without them. But relax! Braces are good and can actually help you in numerous ways.
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5 tips to care your teeth after removing the dental brace

December 5th,2018

Have you just finished your Orthodontic Treatment? Congratulations on your efforts you put all these days to get your desired smile. Now your teeth are straightened and your bite is aligned.

Do you know? The straightened teeth are vulnerable to move back to their original position. This will undo the result of your orthodontic treatment. Hence it is important to indulge in post-orthodontic dental care activities to maintain the alignment procured with dental braces.
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Food items to consume and avoid during Orthodontic Treatment

June 16th,2018

When you are wearing an orthodontic appliance like a metallic brace or invisible aligner, it is critically important to cut down certain food items. You need to sacrifice or stand away from your favourite hard food substances until the orthodontic treatment gets over.

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