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Gum Diseases

Pain in Gums

January 20th,2019

Taking care of your oral health is not only about preventing cavities and other serious ailments like periodontal disease, but it is also about recognizing tiny symptoms like pain in your gums that help you gauge the state of your oral health.
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Peri-Implantitis – The main adversary for dental implants

October 29th,2018

Replacing a missing tooth with dental implants is not a new thing. Even though the porcelain crowns implanted with a titanium post into the jawbone cannot be infected, the tissues surrounding the implants are prone to infection.

If any infection in the gum tissues around the implants are not treated properly, the contamination will advance and cause Peri-Implantitis.
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Gum diseases are linked to higher rates of heart disease

October 5th,2018

Researchers, Doctors and Dentists have been indulged in researches to examine the link between gum diseases and the heart health. Even though the cause and effect relationship has not been proven, recent studies show that people suffering from periodontal diseases have higher chances of affected by cardiovascular diseases.

How does gum disease infect our heart?

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What causes gum recession and how can you know it?

August 16th,2018

Gum Recession, also known as Gingival recession is a common dental problem and it is a symptom of gum diseases. Receding gums is the process that lessens or pulls back the gum tissue around the teeth. When the gum edges wear down, it exposes the inner layers of a tooth like dentin, root and others.

Oral bacteria take advantage of the receding gums and produce periodontal pockets between the gum line and the teeth. It eventually leads to tooth loss.
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7 Home Remedies to alleviate gum pain

August 3rd,2018

Do you experience severe pain in your gums when you eat and drink?

Such painful gums are a warning signal of various dental complications like canker sores, gingivitis and other periodontal diseases. Otherwise, it occurs due to bacterial build-up, brushing or flossing too hard, wearing dental appliances like dentures & braces.
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