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Pain in Gums

Taking care of your oral health is not only about preventing cavities and other serious ailments like periodontal disease, but it is also about recognizing tiny symptoms like pain in your gums that help you gauge the state of your oral health.

Caught up in our daily routine, most of us ignore the myriad oral signs that our gums show which would indicate the sign of greater trouble in the dental area. Here in this article, let us talk about the common issues faced by your gums in your teeth and how to mitigate the pain and nip the issue before it blossoms into a serious one.



If you suffer from a canker sore, try to stay away from fruits & vegetables like lemons, oranges, pineapple, tomatoes and strawberries as they accentuate the size of the sore. Canker sores could also be caused by an immune deficiency and are characterized by fever, tiredness and the presence of lymph nodes in some cases. Pain from the canker sores generally go away in a while. If it lasts for more than 3 weeks/it looks serious, it is vital that you refer a doctor.









What to do when you have gum pain?

  1. Brush and Floss on a daily basis.
  2. Wash your mouth regularly with salt water to get rid of infectants.
  3. Use a proper brushing technique.
  4. Stay away from sugary drinks, soda and ice cream.
  5. Eat a well-balanced diet rich in Vitamin C, K and calcium.
  6. Use over the counter pain killers with the reference of a doctor.
  7. Use natural herbs and spices to prevent the issue from accentuating.


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