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Gum diseases are linked to higher rates of heart disease

Researchers, Doctors and Dentists have been indulged in researches to examine the link between gum diseases and the heart health. Even though the cause and effect relationship has not been proven, recent studies show that people suffering from periodontal diseases have higher chances of affected by cardiovascular diseases.

How does gum disease infect our heart?

Dental health Professionals probed various things obtained in analyzing the relationship between gum diseases and heart diseases.

Gum diseases are caused by bacterial infection in the gum tissues that provoke breakdown of the gums, teeth and the underlying bone support. The oral bacteria that affect the gum lines make the periodontal diseases associated with heart diseases.

Periodontitis – the serious stage of gum diseases produce infected pockets of germy pus. It is quite harmful but it allows the bacteria and other noxious substances penetrate below the gum regions.

Gum inflammation or swelling is the main symptom that indicates the periodontal diseases. If such inflammations do not get proper care or treatment, it will harden the arteries. This shrinks the blood flow to the heart. When our heart does not get sufficient blood for functioning, it leads to stroke and heart attack.

What are the other diseases induced by gum infections?

The infection in gum tissues put our overall health at risk by causing certain health complications as well as heart diseases.

Role of lifestyle changes in this connection

Certain bad habits you follow and changes in our lifestyle act as a catalyst in the relation between gum diseases and heart health. Given are the few instances:

If you do not care your mouth and feed it with vulnerable substances, then the oral bacteria will take advantage of it. This makes your mouth a breeding ground for bacteria and makes you suffer from various diseases.


Gum diseases are powerful to cause serious heart diseases in persons who have issues in their heart health. When they encounter bleeding gums, the blood enters the bloodstream and get deposited on the heart valves that have been weakened by the heart diseases already. Then the bacterial infection will damage the heart valves.

We recommend those persons to acknowledge your dentist regarding your heart diseases during your dental visit.

To say simply, the oral hygiene routine we maintain is not only for our dental health but for our overall health.

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